An analysis of my little bit

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An analysis of my little bit

The essay mainly revolves around Susan Cheever herself, but it focuses primarily on the changes her life goes through as she is forced to move.

An analysis of my little bit

The setting of the story takes place in New York to illustrate difference between big city life and a life in the suburbs. This references to one of the biggest changes that society has An analysis of my little bit as a cause of industrialization, urbanisation.

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The timeline of the story is not given directly but we can only assume that the story ends in our present time. The story starts out in medias res where our protagonist, the author herself, presents her first memory where her father is returning home after fighting in the second World War.

The narration is exclusively omnisciently bound to the protagonist. Susan Cheever description of herself gives the reader the impression that she is a creature of habit.

She enjoys Central park, but seemingly what she enjoys the most is New York City itself. As shown in the following quote her love for the city went above the restraints of geographical limits. Her being raised in the city life and then to have it taken away from her is a defining moment for Susan Cheever in the essay.

In this moment she finds out that she much prefers the city to suburbs, and in this moment she also attains individuality from the rest of her family members as seen in the following quote. I did not want to go. I loved my urban school with its fenced-in playground perched above the East River Drive.

Susan Cheever describes the suburbs as a monotonous and tedious place. One is described as quiet and scary, whilst the other one is depicted as a magical wonderland for children.

The title of the essay correlates to a quote from within it. The meaning behind the title is apparent in the quote but the why is not. The author inserts the title because it supports her own personal view that she maintained throughout her childhood, which she shares with Andy Warhol, that the city is a better place because it has a little bit of everything.

She also argues that she tried her best to be interested in the beauty of nature in the quote from page 9, line to further up in my essay. The major theme in this essay is the opposition of nature versus society.

The secondary theme is the question of where its best fit for a child to grow up? Though the extravagant life of the city has a lot to offer a star struck child, it also bears a lot of danger with it. On the contrary the suburbs are seen as the safest place to grow up for children but as a by-product of that it is also known as one of the most boring places to grow up as a child.

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The question arises regarding why Susan Cheever has such an overbearing affection for New York and the city life. The most logical assumption that we as readers can make is that because of her being raised in an environment heavily governed by the influence of post-war enthusiasm she has a deeply grown love for the city life as a by-product of her childhood.

The essay reveals that if you desire the best of both worlds the optimal place for any family or individual to live would be the city, but it also reveals that there also exists a suburban paradise for those who wish to live like that.Digne, i think we are at the same place!

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An analysis of my little bit

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My understanding is that this book is going to be updated and if so, would be welcome.

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I read a ton of reviews that praised this book and . My Little Bit of Country My little bit of country is an literary piece from written by Susan Cheever. The essay mainly revolves around Susan Cheever herself, but it focuses primarily on the changes her life goes through as she is forced to move. Introduction.

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