An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs

Five total strangers team up for the perfect crime. But something goes wrong. One of the men is the rat, an infiltrator working for the cops. Debuts are either meant to be second spear-carrier minimalist or so cringingly inept that they find themselves in a side-splitting edition of Before They Were Famous.

An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs

Harvey Keitel; executive producers: Monte Hellman, Richard N. Sally Menks; assistant directors: Jamie Beardsley, Francis R.

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Mahoney III; production design: David Wasco; sound editors: Blue ; Quentin Tarantino Mr. Dawson, Jeff, Quentin Tarantino: The Cinema of CoolNew York, Barnes, Alan, and Marcus Hearn, Tarantino: A to ZNorth Pomfret, ; revised edition, Nagel, Uwe, Der rote Faden aus Blut: Peary, Gerald, Quentin Tarantino: InterviewsJackson, The Film Greek FilesAustin, Reservoir Dogs McCarthy, T.

In the present anti- critical climate, where reviewers seem motivated primarily by the desire to demonstrate how much they are "with it" rather than by any vestigial sense of the need for responsible evaluation, the latest idols pass by like comets, a brief blaze followed by a swift fizzle: Pulp Fictiona work of phenomenal cleverness and very little intelligence, does not strike me as the realization of the promise of Reservoir Dogsthe embodiment of the kind of creativity that endures and develops.

But creativity is scarcely nourished by the values of contemporary critical "taste": Pulp Fiction gives the critics exactly what they appear to want. Reservoir Dogs although discernibly the work of the same artist is another matter. The essential difference between the two films is epitomized in the two torture scenes: Its distinction lies not only in its formal perfection the intricately nonchronological narrative structure and the single-minded rigour with which its thesis "reservoir dogs" end up eating each other is worked out, but in its very particular relation to the contemporary crisis of "masculinity.

There has been the attempt almost invariably compromised and recuperative to depict strong and "liberated" women, and the corresponding attempt to define a new version of "Mr.

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Nice Guy," the sensitive and caring male. The alternative response is the hysterical overvaluation and exaggeration of masculinity represented by Schwarzennegger, Stallone, and Norris often spilling over, at least in the case of the first two, into knowing but uneasy parody that allows us sophisticates to indulge ourselves while not taking it all too seriously.

Reservoir Dogs carries this almost to the point of a kind of mass psychosis, the characters not one of whom remains alive at the end are destroyed by the very drives that make them so destructive.

Women scarcely appear in the film: The references to women in the dialogue define them exclusively as sex-objects there are no marriages or families. Unable to love women, the men are evaluated in terms of their ability or in most cases inability to love each other.

Reservoir Dogs: Breaking Down Quentin Tarantino’s Masterpiece

The poles are represented by the characters played by Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic:May 12,  · Reservoir Dogs the first film he director and Pulp Fiction was his second film. Both films use nonlinear narrative and have been two of his most popular and well known films.

These films became popular because of their nonlinear storylines even though it is not a popular technique. Reservoir Dogs was Quentin Tarantino’s first film. It was released in Jan 01,  · With Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino started as he meant to go on.

And what he meant to go on to be is evident from the opening shots of the movie: an auteur, no less. Simply to tell the story of a heist gone wrong would seem to have held little appeal to a writer as visually literate and soaked in film culture as Tarantino.5/5.

The Video Store Clerk Hire Writer Perez and other Tarantino cynics would be all around informed to leave on retaliation with respect to their own:

Through out this paper, I will identify and evaluate different concepts of communication giving examples from the movie Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs, is a film about a group of 6 professional thieves who are brought together to rob a jewelry store.

The Use of Nonlinear Narrative in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Ficition

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Reservoir Dogs Essay - Reservoir Dogs is a gangster movie with a difference. Instead of the gangsters being portrayed as slick professionals who always stay .

The Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was the first soundtrack for a Quentin Tarantino film and set the structure his later soundtracks would follow. This includes the extensive use of snippets of dialogue from the film.

An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs
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