How irrigation impacted yuma


How irrigation impacted yuma

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Highlights of some of the more interesting challenges follow. Corps of Engineers Gila River Channelization Project Painted Rock Dam, upstream of the District, was to have had a major channel construction project associated with it. That project, to be constructed by the Corps of Engineers, consisted of levees and incidental works through the Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District from the Gila Canal siphon upstream to Texas Hill.

Following the river flow ofthere was a concerted effort by this District and the Corps to initiate this channelization project. However, environmental opposition slowed the effort until inflation put the project, as designed, beyond economic justification.

It How irrigation impacted yuma increasingly unlikely that the work as designed will be constructed in the foreseeable future. Minute Seeking a permanent solution to the problem of increased salinity in the water of the Colorado River due to Wellton-Mohawk return flows, Mexico and the United States entered into an agreement for the construction of a cfs concrete-lined channel, 12 miles long, from the confluence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers to Morelos Dam.

This channel, carrying Wellton-Mohawk return flows, has a structure permitting all or a part of the flow to be either diverted into the Colorado River at the Northern Boundary above Morelos Dam or passed around that dam.

Minute A major canal lining improvement program undertaken by Mexico to minimize waterlogging and salt build-up due to canal seepage was not felt by Mexico to have overcome the results of the increased salinity level of its Colorado River diversions.

This agreement provided for: Public Law Wellton-Mohawk representatives testified at hearings before the congressional committees, leading to the passage of this legislation, which was signed by President Nixon on June 24, Title I of the act confirmed the recommendations of Minute All provisions of Minutelater authorized by Public Lawhave been carried out.

Visiting Yuma The Southwestern region of the United States is in the midst of a historic year drought. It is increasingly probable the Bureau of Reclamation will declare a shortage on the Colorado River as early asbut more likely in
Challenges: Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation & Drainage District Take the water away and agriculture would likely dry up. What would be the impact to Yuma County if locally grown crops died out?
The specific objectives are: Continue to develop water use data on economically critical crops for Arizona 2.
Much of the land was disputed in the s and inthe Dawes Severalty Act opened the land to white settlers which led to further disputes.
Our hot, dry climate is ideal for year-round growth of crops. Summer temperatures regularly reach degrees; days with even a few hours of below freezing temperature are rare.

The mile extension to the return flow canal from the international border to Santa Clara Slough and the mile portion between Morelos Dam and the international border at San Luis were completed in early The desalinization plant, located west of Yuma and immediately north of the Yucca steam-electric plant, is complete and tested, but will be operated only when Colorado River flows are sufficiently low to justify not bypassing Wellton-Mohawk drainage return flows to Santa Clara Slough.

Mexico installed, insixty-four wells on the mesa east of San Luis, and a concrete channel to carry the effluent from the wells into the San Luis Valley in Mexico.

The wells draw about 5 cfs each at a static level of approximately 90 feet from the underground accumulation of groundwater created by the Yuma Mesa Irrigation and Drainage District, south of the City of Yuma.

As a result of that action, and to insure that credit would be received for what was essentially Colorado River water making its way into Mexico, Reclamation installed fourteen wells just north of the border within the five-mile limit. A concrete channel was constructed to take the effluent into Mexico on the discharge side of the Boundary pumping plant owned and operated by Yuma County Water Users Association.

Mexico is still pumping from its San Luis well field, most of which is within five miles of the border. Only the water produced by wells within five-miles of the border, on either side, count toward theacre feet limitation for each nation. Quality Improvement, W-M Return Flows Wellton-Mohawk return flows improved in quality from ppm salts into ppm into ppm inand to about in Significant additional improvement in the quality of return flows is unlikely.

City of Yuma, Arizona

The program of acreage reduction might even have already adversely affected continued improvement in quality, since less deep percolation would naturally result in less dilution of the ground water. Quality Changes, Colorado River Quality generally decreases, with or without use, as river water flows downstream.

The salinity of Colorado River water at Imperial Dam increased from ppm in to indecreased to inwas near ppm inand averaged around or below ppm inwith steep downward fluctuations during years of flooding. Return Flow Reduction Efforts undertaken within the boundaries of Wellton-Mohawk to reduce return flows and to help achieve the quality guaranteed to Mexico by Minuteauthorized by Public Lawhave been successful, and include the following.

Acreage Reduction The initial step in reducing the return flows from Wellton-Mohawk was the elimination of future or current irrigation of 10, acres of undeveloped land, or land with low water-use efficiency.

Procurement of high-water-use land by the Bureau of Reclamation was completed by the mid s. The bulk of developed, low efficiency land that was taken out of cultivation was citrus on sandy soils. The land was cleared, and the trees were cut and chipped, or windrowed to provide wildlife cover.

In all cases, the purchase of lands by the federal government was negotiated with willing sellers. In addition to its primary purpose, there was another benefit to acreage reduction.

It has been demonstrated on this project thatacre feet of water is not sufficient to irrigate 75, acres in the southwestern desert, where the year-round growing season makes double cropping the norm. Even with several thousand acres of the original 75, not yet developed, the net usage yearly diversions, less return flows had exceeded the allowed limit, on occasion.Estimates are that Arizona is in the 4th or 6th year of drought.

Concurrent with the drought is the increased demand from urban areas for quality water. The purpose of this project is to provide crop water data in conjunction with sound irrigation management strategies that will enable growers to more efficiently use their water resources.

Irrigation service needed Repair, replace or service irrigation system components Irrigation system age Over 10 years Irrigation system issues Timer clock needs to be replaced, System will not turn on or off, Cylinder neat to be replaced.

Irrigation changed Yuma County forever. Starting irrigation in Yuma County had its positive and negative effects on Yuma, the Laguna Dam and the Siphon played a large role .

Irrigation plays a huge role in Agriculture, which Yuma County is now known for. Irrigation changed Yuma County forever. Starting irrigation in Yuma County had its positive and negative effects on Yuma, the Laguna Dam and the Siphon played a large role in helping Yuma's irrigation systems begin.

Lemon trees are being grown using low volume irrigation while providing only 17 percent of the water normally required for flood irrigation (), with improved yield and no loss of fruit quality. Using current water prices, low volume irrigation would save growers about 9 percent of their yearly growing costs.

How irrigation impacted yuma

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