Importance of leadership in present scenario

Genetic Technology Nanotechnology William E. Halal, Professor of Management, George Washington University sees the IT Revolution as the driving factor for Science and Technology for the first decade of the 21st century because the powerful new ability to accumulate scientific knowledge faster is causing breakthroughs in all fields. Halal points out that there are issues and controversies for society to consider:

Importance of leadership in present scenario

There is a rich literature accessible through Google Scholar on the deficiencies of Excel for ststistical calculation and the unwiilingness or inability of Microsoft to fix them.

Much better is the open source and free Excel clone, Gnumeric. Moses Herzog February 10, at 8: But I think this will probably be my last post here. Too much time intervals between posts, too many tease links to other sites where after years of loyalty to the two hosts we get the crumbs from the paid sites tossed at us for increased link hits.

But Importance of leadership in present scenario snobbery, and judging people on socio-economic issues was kind of what I had thought this site was supposed to be fighting against, not encouraging. Warm Regards, Resentful and Bitter Zeitgeist crouching under the keyboard.

Marc Heller February 10, at I hope you reconsider you decision to not continue making your ideas known on this blog. I, for one, look forward to what you have to say. Dan Palanza February 10, at I discovered, 35 years ago, when I bought my first microprocessor-driven computer, that it is impossible to create a proper double-entry book-of-accounts using any spreadsheet, no matter how it is designed.

There are four fundamenta variables in a proper book-of-accounts: Pacioli calls the bookkeepers attention to these four variables in A. Right now, James, your above essay has no right to take up the bandwidth that you are wasting by your not knowing where first base is located in the playing-field of software-driven accounting.

Colin The FT Alphaville team have a very good overview of this — http: Anything that can be communicated with PP can be communicated better with some other media: Heck, most presentations and meetings are really unnecessary. February 10, at Second problem is documentation.

Importance of leadership in present scenario

Excel spreadsheets are notorious for being poorly documented. Third, mobility of data. Oregano February 10, at 1: Baselinescenario was created to discuss the reasons behind and way forward from the Crash of and had its greatest relevancy then.

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Simon and James have spoken their peace, written their books, and are moving on as well. There needs to be a change in national and Beltway politics that can reestablish a nexus of pragmatic governance for this site to regain its vitality.

For after tax cash flow analysis in Engineering Economics classI once programmed in Excel the entire IRS Depreciation schedule with just two inputs and a lot of conditional logic.

I found an error in the published tables which they fixed. In addition to the wonderful flow visualizations, they provide the data we need in spreadsheet format for further analysis.

I like Excel because I can check the individual calculations which are hidden by most programs. February 10, at 2: It that way the spreadsheet is the most important application of all time. Anonyomouse February 10, at 6: When statistics and numbers are manipulated to favor the ruling classes agenda, and since we it has been proved that politicians, at this point in timecan no longer distinguish right from wrong, or right from the left, or anything other than the current status quo.

We really do have a dysfunctional congress, that takes money candidates over quality ones.

Heart Over Head: The Importance of Emotional Leadership

Until then we must put up with disinformation politics, and economics, because it has become the norm. Jack February 10, at 6: The problem described is NOT a technical one. Its social or organizational. Where is the training? Where is choosing the right tool for the job?

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Where is the technical oversight and leadership?Scenario Planning, Science and Technology, National Research and Societal Considerations by Moya K.

Mason The paradox of the twenty-first century may be that our ability to use technology to our advantage is going to be linked to the quality of our human social networks. The following are the requisites to be present in a good leader: Physical appearance- A leader must have a pleasing appearance.

Physique and health are very important for a good leader.

Emotional Deficiencies

Situational Leadership Delegating Coaching Discipline vii. LEADERSHIP SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP OBJECTIVES A. The importance of leadership. 1. Leadership is the process of influencing others toward the SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP Video Scenario 3 1.

What is the development level of the follower? Why? 2.

Importance of leadership in present scenario

What leadership style did . The Importance of Faculty Voice. Fall By Lynn Cornell, Regan Galvan, Meng Li Lusardi, and Mateo Cruz Imagine the following scenario: In the flurry inherent to a normal school day, a teacher receives a memo about a change in attendance-taking procedures.

studying school leadership. We formed a research group because of a common. There are many leadership styles from which to choose. Defining Leadership From a very classical autocratic approach to a very creative, participative approach leadership style used will vary depending upon the individual staff and what he or she will respond best to 3.

The organization: The traditions, values. Definition of Performance Management. The role of HR in the present scenario has undergone a sea change and its focus is on evolving such functional strategies which enable successful implementation of the major corporate strategies.

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