Mgt 426 week 2 individual assignment

Why or why not? What can your organization do to transform into a learning organization?

Mgt 426 week 2 individual assignment

Vesitapolo Latu Running head: Therefore, organization that acquires knowledge and innovates fast enough to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment Rowden, Businesses are about taking risk and lean to analyze situation s and create fast enough solutions to adapt and adjust to changing environment.

Rowden used this article to demonstrate and provide us with different avenues to approach learning organization and strategic change. He also introduced different paths on how to approach and use learning organizations for our benefit: Rowden compared learning organization to taking a journey into two kinds of mountain ranges.

The first type of a mountain range is overwhelming and stimulating, the second, mysterious and surprising. The first mountain range disclosed a type of business that focus on the goals and used all the necessary tools to reach and achieve the goals.

Organizations develop specific roadmap to succeed the strategic plan despite obstacles and road block. The organization can see the end of the tunnel, and therefore, it is easier to clean out and clear difficulty to reach the end of the channel.

Football is a good example of this type of mountain range. Coaches designed precise game plan to beat a specific team on a specific day.

The plans do not include in defeating all the teams, just one team. The second mountain range deals with the uncertainty, mysterious, and unknown environment. For the organization to see to the end of the tunnel, it has to clear and clean one blockage at a time.

Social, economic, and political changes in business impacted how organization reaches its goals. The cold war prevented Pepsi from conducting business in Russia.

PepsiCo must climb the political range before entering into the Russian market.

Mgt 426 week 2 individual assignment

The change process of an organization is similar to the agricultural process. When a farmer decided to plant new seeds or new plants, the soil must mix and treated with special soil nourishment. The farmer must plan, analyzing, and implementing the best top soil and the best seeds that will provide the business with the best chance to generate profit.

Mgt 426 week 2 individual assignment

The workers relied on the weather and their skills to provide the best produce. The same scenario applies to an organization that wants to generate the best possible profit. Managers, employees, and shareholders rely on the customers to stay operational.

Thus organization does analyze data to see if there is a need for change process so manager can set up learning organization. The company I work for used change process to solidify technological upgrade and branch reorganization. It is a government agency that provides support and assistant to the unemployed, disability, and veterans.

The company does statewide software upgrade annually or every two every year to support the needs of the public. Baby boomer generations is another factor that caused the company change process.MGT Week 4 Individual Assignment Ethics During Change paper.

Ethics During Change. Ethical Issues While Implementing Changes. University of Phoenix. Individual Assignment: Ethics During Change paper. Prepare a 1, to 1,word paper examining the ethical issues organizations face when implementing change. Be sure to. uop mgt ,uop mgt ,uop mgt complete course,uop mgt entire course,uop mgt week 1,uop mgt week2,uop mgt week 3,uop mgt week 4,uop Skip to main content Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Uop Courses. Menu Skip to content. Home; Course; New Store; Math Help; Contact Us; Search for: Category Archives: MGT MGT MGT Entire Course. October 17, MGT MGT xl How To Download Your Files? MGT Week 2 Learning Team Charter.

MGT/ Week 2. Learning Team: Organizational Change Paper Write a 1,word paper using a company that your team chooses or a company with which one or more team members have some knowledge.

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Assume, for the purpose of this assignment, the company may undergo a significant strategic reorganization as part of a strategic environmental plan. Related Documents: MGT Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Managing Change Paper Part I ACC Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Integrate Accounting Paper followed to make sure that data is enter correctly will benefit a company.

MGT Week 2 Team learning Assignment Managing Change Paper Part I Over the course of this class, your Learning Team will develop a comprehensive Managing Change Paper. Each week, your team will add more elements to this paper.

By the final week, you will have a cumulative paper that addresses the complete change cy.

MGT Week 2 Individual Assignment Ethics and Social Responsibility (2 Papers)