Welcome speech at school by a teacher on independence day

Contact Us School Activities Major School Activities — The School firmly believes that textual studies are only but a part of the full development of a child and therefore provides a spectrum of in house activities through its program of panchmukhi shiksha.

Welcome speech at school by a teacher on independence day

Since starting SCMS, she is thriving socially, academically, creatively, physically, and emotionally. She looks forward to attending pre-school every day and comes home a happy child who is excited to share her daily activities with me.

Erin Tippins Southern California Montessori has been a second home to us. The teachers genuinely get to know your child so that they feel safe and happy.

Welcome speech at school by a teacher on independence day

The teachers are patient and treat every child with respect. The children are learning so much that you will be impressed every time you sit down with your child to see what they can do!

The school offers such a perfect combination of learning and play. Our daughter is petite but we have been so thankful that she is not underestimated at this school. We have watched her become a very independent, smart and respectful little person at this school.

Alan and Bill Rakov My husband and I have three children, ever since my oldest daughter attended the Southern California Montessori School for the first time in ; we fell in love with the school. We have continued to come to this school ever since then, my son studied there for 4 years and now my youngest daughter.

The teachers are loving and caring. We drive over 20 miles from Torrance to attend the school. It is that much worth it to us. The small class size and school environment is just wonderful, there are a total of 40 kids at school which makes a close and tight relationship from the school family too!

Our kids are confident when they graduate from the school and even now my older kids are excited to come back to school and visit. They are highly experienced and have been working at the school for many years.

Most importantly, the teachers love children and treat them equally with respect. Unlike at many other places, the school director, Ms. Abellera is truly an educator with many years of experience in early child education. She is also approachable and easy to talk to. As parents, we learned a lot from her on how to raise and educate our child.

Although we live far from the school it takes at least one hour each day in traffic, we feel it is worth the effort, because we know that our child is in good care by the teachers. Our son has been happy and learning a lot at the school.

What I think makes the school unique is the emphasis on early education and proper behavior. The teachers are great and the director, Ann, is very easy to talk to. The incomparable teachers and staff manage to create a structured learning environment that still allows the children to explore their individuality.

But more importantly, he is genuinely happy there. Abellera and her wonderful staff are giving her exactly what she needs at this age.

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She learns so much and more importantly she loves to learn and enjoys showing us all her new projects and skills from school. At the end of each day, our only trouble is getting her to leave school.

Thank you for all that you do for Sydney. Our child has been attending the school for 6 months and has had an extremely positive experience. The school is clean, well organized, and the teachers go above and beyond in caring for my son.

After touring multiple schools in our area and choosing SCMS, we believe we made the smart, informed decision. She absolutely loves her school and her teachers. She loves music and has a special fondness for Mr. Max, her music teacher. Kiana are her other favorites.

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Our son, now in elementary school also went to SoCal Montessori and as such we have a long relationship with the school and its staff. The teachers and staff are smart, kind and great educators. They have consistently provided an environment that fosters learning, communication, friendship and other basic tenets of life.

We are fans, and would highly recommend the school to everyone. The school does not require kids to be potty trained before attending school and the teachers take care of diaper changing for little ones, which provides great convenience for busy parents like us.15 August Independence Day Speech in English – You can read the latest Independence Day Speech in English for School Kids and College Students.

You may present this speech on 15 August at your School & College. First of all, I would like to wish Happy Independence Day to all our readers. You are here on this page means either you are a school/college teacher, principal or a . Latest 15 August Poems And 15 August (Independence Day) Poem In Hindi: Hello Dear Indians brothers welcome again on my rutadeltambor.com you searching on google 15th august poems & 15 August poems In Hindi so don't worry we are to day fully provided and published here.i hope you will be like this rutadeltambor.com are also submitted here 15 August Slogans In Hindi.

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Despite its left-wing reputation, it was the academic home of Hayek. Sagesse High School is a Catholic, Anglophone, co-educational school that educates and motivates students from diverse backgrounds to become life-long learners and .

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