Writing a business case for additional staff

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Writing a business case for additional staff

Hiring Interns Interns are great.

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And in terms of your business case for justifying additional staff, interns are cheap sorry interns. Most interns are in school and are working to gain some practical experience in their field.

writing a business case for additional staff

For this reason, they are advantageous because they possess some of the skills you need, and are usually willing to take on any sort of project that helps them learn and gain experience. When it comes time to hire new full-time employees next year, you already have a trained employee to fill the role.

On the downside, interns may lack all the specific skills you are looking for because they are still in school. For this reason, if you really need a specific skill set to strengthen your business, an intern would not be good replacement for hiring a full-time employee with the specific skills.

Additionally, an internship is often the first exposure one gets to the professional environment, in response to which it can take time to adjust. Finally, between personal and school commitments, interns can take time to secure and train. Hiring Temporary Staff Temps Temporary employees, or Temps, are good for handling spikes in work or to fill short-term needs.

Further, temporary employees are easy to justify because they can be added quickly through an employment agency possibly within a few days from the time you request them and are inexpensive from a cost perspective.

Temporary employees are particularly beneficial when you have mostly administrative type work, such as data entry, scanning, or other general office tasks for which you do not want to levy onto your permanent workforce.

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Temps differ from interns in that temporary employees may not have the specific technical skills you may get from an intern who is learning the trade.

In contrast, temps usually have transferable skills and have the general office experience that interns lack. Finally, temps can generally work as many hours as you require, while interns may be limited due to class schedules. Hiring Contractors Contract employees, or contractors, are similar to Temps, in that they are hired to fill temporary spikes in work.


They differ, though, because contractors are typically specialized and hired to compliment your skilled labor pool. For example, you can hire contractors with engineering degrees, who can co-locate within your product design team to help add short-term capacity. Though the basic function of contractors is similar to interns and temps in that they bring in temporary manpower to address a shorter-term bump in workload, they bring with them the specific skills or training that you need.

Developing a Business Case

For this reason, contractors are quite a bit more expensive than temps or interns. However, since they are only for the short-term less than a year and are dedicated to a given project or task, they are still more affordable than hiring a full-time employee.

When it comes to putting a business case together to hiring contractor employees, therefore, you should be clear about your needs.HP needs weeks to ship additional TouchPads, according to a leaked email sent to customers.

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writing a business case for additional staff
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